Note: As per the regulations put by the Ministry of Sports and Ministry of Health, there will be no audience in the venue to watch the competition until an official statement is announced otherwise.
The Men’s category of the competition will be streamed LIVE through various broadcasting outlets, and will be advertised before-hand. All competitors who completed their round, can stay in the venue to watch the competition for all days.

The booklet contains all of the rules and guidelines for the Cup.

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All SCHF Competitions follow the guidelines that are put by SAADC (Saudi Arabian Anti Doping Committee) and WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). There will be random testing during the competition.

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For an exemption, click here to download the form and send it to SAADC.


You can get a “Rock Climber” membership through the memberships page.

If  the number of registered Competitors in any Category (Men/Women) is less than 12, SCHF has the right to cancel that category for 2021.


National Lead Climbing Cup – Jeddah 2021


Maximum number of competitors is 48.

Note: if the number of registered competitors is less than 16, Semi-finals will be canceled and competitors will go directly to finals.


Qualifications: 27th May 2021

Semi-Finals: 28th May 2021

Finals: 29th May 2021